“I wanted to thank CIMT for their unconditional patience and kindness this year. I can honestly say this school year has been the most difficult year I have had. I can also say that if it weren’t for the dedication of each individual working at CIMT, I would not have stuck with it. Halfway into the school year, I was ready to give up because of my own insecurities and obstacles. Yet, every single teacher and staff member at CIMT continued to encourage me to keep going. I have had very few experiences where educators show the level of dedication this school has shown myself and I am sure, many others. All of you go above and beyond to help students succeed. I hope to carry the same compassion, knowledge, and commitment into my practice and with my clients that all of you have shown me. Thanks again CIMT for teaching me to trust myself a little more and for teaching me that I am capable of so much more than I thought, with the right people guiding me.”

Joshua Zalmanek, CIMT Graduate Spring 2020

“CIMT showed me the tools and foundation and I am now using the skill to have an amazing career as a therapist.  Working in Rehab has given me so many rewards.  To be able to see a stroke patient struggle with words or raising an arm, but after seeing me, they are able to process the sentence clearly and wave good bye to me.  That is what makes my job worth it all! And thank you CIMT for giving me the building blocks to share and treat patients.”

Ashley R. Hamilton: LMT, CNMT, NCTMB, FT
Rehabilitation Department – Community Hospital

“The Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy offers an excellent educational experience to students wanting to enter the health profession. As a nurse, this program complimented my medical training and gave me the hands on experience to deliver therapeutic touch in a variety of settings. I value the teachings and skills acquired at CIMT and recommend this program to all that wish to be trained in the most current and comprehensive massage program available.”

Trisha Scott-Cummings: RN, BSN

“Whenever I meet a CIMT graduate, I’m always impressed with their level of professionalism and their extensive knowledge of modalities, especially Neuromuscular and Sports Massage. CIMT and their staff make it very easy to hire their graduates because of their level of commitment to their students. They offer a well-balanced education in bodywork with extended support after graduation. Thank you, CIMT!”

Kimberly Robinson
Regional Recruiter/Trainer, Massage Envy

“I enrolled at CIMT holding a license from another state and still today I have no regret spending another full year in school. The instructors are brilliant and so generous with sharing their knowledge and skills. The staff is friendly and committed to serving the students. The knowledge and skills that I acquired from CIMT make me stand out from others in this competitive field of massage therapy. I own a successful practice in Carmichael Training Systems, have a contract with the US Olympic Training Center, and also with a successful Physical Therapy office in town. I achieved all these goals in a very short period of time not only because of my passion in this field and hard work, but it was largely due to my knowledge and skills that I attained from the instructors at CIMT.”

Jennifer Chee: CNMT, CFT, SET, CKTP, RMT

“I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT) and began teaching there in 1996. Having studied and taught at a number of high-quality academic institutions, I can say with certainty that CIMT offers one of the best technical educations available. CIMT places a very high value on a science-based curriculum, which is one of the reasons it is so respected in the health and medical communities. I am proud to be a CIMT graduate and instructor.”

William L. Elliott, PhD, MS, FT, CPT, CNMT, RMT