Nikki Alvaran
Director and owner of CIMT since January 1, 2020

CIMT, graduated 2013
Employed with CIMT since 2014
UCCS,   Health Fitness Specialist 2012
Primary Theory Instructor
A103 Structural Kinesiology Instructor
Trigger Point Instructor
Muscles and Bones Instructor
NMPhys Instructor
Private Practice

Nikki enjoys being an instructor so that she can make learning fun instead of a task, and to share her knowledge. She has a unique knowledge of the human body and how it works which creates a dynamic learning opportunity. Nikki specializes in injury rehabilitation and sports massage.
Kali Spafford

CIMT, graduated 2010

Primary Technique Instructor for Swedish, Joints, KOV’s and IANMT

“Movement is Life”
I believe that without the ability to move we lose our ability to fully live.  I have been practicing Neuromuscular Massage since graduating from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 2010.  In addition to massage I also offer Cupping, Personal Training and Corrective Exercise Therapy.  Bodywork is more then just a job for me, it’s a journey of discovery in how the body wants to heal itself and move toward proper alignment and mobility.  I am passionate about helping others attain their ultimate health and motion goals so that they can be free to move in their every day life.  I also have a passion for teaching because I love seeing students learn and move into their life’s fullest potential.
James Pulciana
Primary Theory Instructor for Trigger Point and Practice Building
James obtained his masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1998.  In addition to his acupuncture and private practice, James has a background in massage therapy and bachelors degree in secondary education. “I have a passion for teaching.  I really enjoy giving back to my profession and inspiring people to want to learn and advance their skills.  I have been teaching for over 20 years and I’m still a student willing to learn.”
David Henderson

CIMT, graduated 2018
Employed with CIMT since 2018
University of Montana B.A. Biology – Premed A.S.
Primary Theory Instructor
Business Practice

Has been teaching to some degree for 15+ years. Enjoys watching other people grow and learn. Relates well with others, and relays information in an understandable manner. Dave specializes in neuromuscular therapy and cupping.

Cindy Mitchell
CIMT, graduated 2005
Employed with CIMT since 2011
Lab Instructor, Foundations Instructor
Private Practice
Roger Patrizio
Stress Massage Institute, graduated 1990
Employed with CIMT since 1992
Director of CIMT from 1998 – 2019
Clinical  Applications I Instructor
Self-Care Instructor
Health Network Therapist
Practice Building Instructor
Private Practice
Roger is an alumni and former owner/director of CIMT. He enjoys teaching students in the classroom and sharing his passion for the healing benefits of massage therapy. Although semi-retired, Roger is very active around school and in the community. He specializes in Sports Massage.
Ashley Rees
CIMT, graduated  2012
Graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 2013
Licensed Sports & Orthopedic Massage Therapist
Employed with CIMT since 2014
I wanted to become an instructor at CIMT because massage is such a fulfilling field so the opportunity to teach others about the gift of touch and how healing and powerful it is, is a joy in and of itself. I have a passion to continue to learn as much about this field as possible! I will be a forever student of massage. My massage and bodywork specialty is Sports and Orthopedic.
Christy Schreck (Norton)
Santa Barbara Bodyworks, graduated 2005
Employed with CIMT since 2011
Structural Kinesiology Instructor
Primary Technique Instructor
Trigger Point Instructor
Functional Anatomy Instructor
Neuromuscular Physiology Instructor
Private Practice
Ryan Shroyer
CIMT, graduated 2019
UCCS, Health Sciences 2017
Medical TermsTeaching is a way for Ryan to share his passion for anatomy and bodywork with others. It also makes him a better teacher as he continues to re-learn and explain the material in different ways and learning styles. He has a fire in his soul that keeps students awake and engaged in his class!
Greg Smith
CIMT, graduated 2001
Employed with CIMT since 1998

I entered the massage therapy profession as the Admissions Director for CIMT in 1998 and I have been blessed to encourage and introduce many prospective students to the professionalism and the reward of becoming a skilled therapist.   My Sports Massage practice is focused on helping chronically tight/injured muscles re-educate and return to function through muscle energy techniques, deep tissue work, neuromuscular therapy, and connective tissue and soft tissue treatments.

Facility and Grounds Owner since 2001
Sports Massage Elective Instructor
Self-Care Instructor
Private Practice
Matthew Wagner
CIMT, graduated 2011
Degrees from Pueblo C.C., Cleveland State University, and CIMT
Employed since 2018
Instructor for Postural Kineseology
Specializes in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Therapeutic Massage.
Enjoys helping others understand how to apply knowledge to clinical application to improve one’s ability to build a successful and beneficial approach to patient care.  Experience building a successful practice and having experience spanning the gap of Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy gives Matthew a keen edge as an instructor.