Attendance Requirements


CIMT is a private occupational school and certifies that graduates not only learn a skill, but also spend a required number of hours in training. Therefore, to graduate from the program, students must attend all classes in their entirety or make them up according to Institute policies. Students are required to contact the instructor for each class in advance of any absence or late arrival. Each instructor keeps records of attendance.

An absence is recorded for all missed and partially attended classes and elective courses. When the student arrives 30 minutes late or leaves 30 minutes early they will be marked as absent for the entire class. Instructors will record a partial absence for any student arriving less than 30 minutes late or leaving less than 30 minutes early.

Students are subject to probation under the following conditions: 25% absenteeism from any section of A ? P, Theory, Technique class, Elective Courses, or failure to complete a pending absence form according to make-up guidelines by the due date.

All tests, practicums, projects, assignments, class work, and clinical work missed during the term, for any reason, must be made up according to a schedule approved by the instructor or Director.

Student Clinic

ANMT (850 hour) students are required to fulfill 26 weeks in the student clinic. The EMT (550 hour) students must fulfill 18 weeks. This clinical work begins approximately the 16th week of the program and cannot be started until Community Service hours are completed.

For the clinic professional, the required attire is khaki or black slacks, a CIMT polo or CIMT dry fit shirt and closed toed shoes.

Elective Courses

60 hours of Elective Courses are required to complete the ANMT (850 hour) and EMT (550 hour) program. Most elective courses are held on Saturdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm at the school with an hour break for lunch. Please be prompt for elective courses. Any student arriving 30 minutes after the start of time or leave 30 minutes prior to dismissal will not receive any credit for the elective course.

While most Elective Course costs are included in the student’s tuition, there may be courses that have additional charges associated with them.