850 Hour Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Program Course Descriptions


The Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) certification
program is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy
Accreditation (COMTA) and shares all of the courses found in
our Essential Massage Therapy (EMT) certification program. The
ANMT program continues to add medical massage therapy which
prepares the massage therapist to work with physical therapists,
chiropractors, and physicians that are dealing with rehabilitative
treatments. In addition to the EMT objectives, this program will:
• Provide graduates vast knowledge and techniques for clinical
and rehabilitative therapy
• Provide graduates with skills to perform an accurate postural
• Provide graduates with extensive knowledge in trigger point
release therapy
• Provide graduates with techniques to perform neuromuscular
massage therapy (certificate through the International
Academy for Neuromuscular Therapies)
• Prepare graduates for careers in the medical industry

  • Completion in 11 1/2 months
  • Base Tuition $12,000.00
  • Diploma of graduation in Massage Therapy with 850 hours of training
  • Certification in Integrative Techniques
  • Certification of Trigger Point Release
  • Certification as a Neuromuscular Therapist by the International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapies

*Students must complete all necessary requirements in order to achieve completion and certification*


As part of the training program, students are required to complete a portion of their requirements in lab.  The clinical lab hours requirements consists of:

  • 10 chair massages
  • 86 full body massages (of which twelve are charting)
  • 5 preceptors evaluation massages
  • 10 sports event hours
  • 16 marketing event hours
  • Record keeping on each massage

Summary of Hours

All hours listed are in clock hours which include lab and class hours. Refer to the course syllabus for a breakout.

Orientation 4.50
Anatomy and Physiology 145.00
Massage Theory 126.50
Massage Technique 356.00
Sports Massage 24.00
Electives 60.00
Student Clinic 130.00
Communicable Diseases 4.00
Total Diploma Hours 850.00